Media and Technology Topic Day — April 3 2015

LSMV Class 2015 got an early morning start to their April Topic Day.  The Mission Statement from the planning team was :  To get a glimpse behind the Media scene and see what forward thinking Technology exists in the Santa Maria Valley.

They began the day in the beautiful lobby of the Radisson Hotel where the Class enjoyed a bountiful buffet graciously sponsored by the Hotel.

LSMV -Radisson lobby Media Tech Day o

Katherine Burke, Mission Manager at Space Launch Complex (SLC) 4 VAFB spoke with the Class about the exciting and innovative civilian space launch program …Space X.  It was fascinating to hear of Elon Musk’s far reaching vision of Man living on Mars. Equally interesting was the unique corporate culture of the company where the average employee is 27.

Grabbing some last minute breakfast goodies, it was time to  head out the door to the  City of Santa Maria Media Center where we learned proper interview techniques. David and Tracy Lynn agreed to be ‘televised’.   Looking sharp and poised on those screens!

LSMV Class 2015- media day - David LeRoy

LSMV Class 2015- media day- Tracy Lang Wood

We had a delicious lunch at Pepper Garcia’s .  A big thank you to CoastHills Credit Union for sponsoring our luncheon!!  As you can see we had a fun time!

LSMV Class 2015- media day-Pepper Garcia

Fortified with the hearty feast at Pepper Garcia’s it was off to C& D Zodiac for a facility tour.

C& D Zodiac manufactures state of the art airline cabin interiors , is one of the fastest growing businesses in the City and one of the largest employers.

LSMV Class 2015- media day- group shot

Returning to the Radisson, we discovered a lovely repast of refreshments and beverages awaiting us, again graciously and generously provided by the Radisson Hotel of Santa Maria!  Does anyone else notice a foodie trend here?


Ed Carcarey, LSMV Class 2009, and Mega CER Consulting and motivational speaker extraordinaire spoke about his Leadership Journey and Philosophy. Thank you Ed for sharing your thoughts with us!

The day ended with a strategy and planning session for our Class Legacy Project. It is going to be awesome!

LSMV 2015- gov day- legacy project

The LSMV Class of 2015 would like to thank Katherine Burke, the Staff of the City of Santa Maria Media Center, C& D Zodiac and Ed Carcarey for giving so generously of their time and expertise for this Topic Day. It was an amazing learning experience!

The Class would also like to thank The Radisson Hotel of Santa Maria for being our home base today and for so generously sponsoring not only our breakfast but the yummy afternoon repast. We would also like to thank CoastHills Credit Union for graciously sponsoring our Luncheon at Pepper Garcia.  Thank you so very much!! We appreciate You!

radisson sm logo CoastHills Credit logo_n

Media and Technology Day Topic Planning Team:  Cathy Cachu, Jeff Clarin, Karen Gridiron and Mike McKay

Alumni Advisors: Donna Polizzi, Larry Hill, Tom Stevens and Cary Gray

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